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The book

Stronger Me -32 steps to building better health and resilience to everyday stress


No more complicated health jargon! 

Enjoy straightforward, easy to read guidance about how to improve your health and resilience to everyday stress.


In Stronger Me you will learn about the importance of Mind, Rest, Body, and Food. In addition you will get 32 healthy habits to build on! Choose the habits to suit your purposes best. Note the variety, mix and match to fit your day. Improve your health and well-being in simple ways, reduce stress and increase your resilience.  


If you are at the beginning of your health journey or want to help others, this is the book for you.

Stronger Me  Kindle, the Kindle app for IOS/Android and PC/Mac

Note for Finnish readers: Stronger Me is the English and renewed edition of Simply Well published by Tammi.


What people say


Dr. Catherine Koverola, US

"Finally, a truly compassionate evidence based approach to health and wholeness!  Ekstrom more.

Timo Malinen

Timo Malinen, DC, Physiothepist, UK, FIN

"Kristian has done extremely well in creating a source of information which is not only easy to read more.

Anna Bratsberg

Anna Bratsberg, Nurse, NOR

"This book gives you easy steps to get healthier life. While I was reading  this book I started to do more.


Jenni Hyysalo, M.D. PhD., FIN

"Should be read by everyone starting on a journey to change their lifestyle! Ekström has taken the more.


How it all started

”It is remarkably easy to forget to look after yourself.” That’s what happened to Kristian Ekström, an experienced health practitioner and the author of this book. After realizing that he was, in fact, suffering from stress-induced burnout leading to fatigue, aches and pains, and poor blood sugar control, he understood he had to find ways to reduce stress and improve his health. Not just for himself and his family and friends, but to better serve and guide his patients and to answer their most common question: ”What can I do to improve my health?​ In this book, you’ll find and practice 32 habits that work.

Kristian Ekström

Kristian Ekström is a practitioner with 20 years of experience in pain management and health promotion. Coaching his clients about stress management to healthier lifestyle has always been an integral part of his work. After obtaining his university degree in chiropractic in the United Kingdom, he has continued his studies by learning from the leading experts in health and medicine, the science of exercise, nutrition, stress and pain. The years of doing clinical work have given him invaluable experience about the human body, pain and the impact of stress. Kristian is a public speaker and an author in the area of his expertise. He has spoken to an audience at the Finnish House of Parliament, and has appeared on national TV and radio shows, and his work has been featured in Finnish magazines and newspapers. He has also taken part in a multidisciplinary team to create an evidence based book about pain for professionals. Kristian is an outdoor enthusiast who loves mountains and seas – especially when trail running, mountain biking, kayaking and ski touring with friends.



Five main chapters:

✅ Health & Stress

✅ Body    

✅ Rest      

✅ Mind    

✅ Food    

✅ 32 healthy habits to build on 

✅ Over 300 health tips

✅ Length: 419 pages

What people say

Dr. Catherine Koverola / US 

"Finally, a truly compassionate evidence based approach to health and wholeness!  Ekstrom provides the reader with a coherent framework to understand the important connections between the mind, body, rest, and food as well as practical guidance on how to embrace health.  Drawing upon and in depth analysis of the latest research, years of experience as a health care provider, as well as his own path to health, Ekstrom’s book Stronger Me is a phenomenal resource for anyone interested in becoming healthy. Wherever you might be on your personal journey, Stronger Me is a book you will pick up over and over. What particularly resonates for me is the non-judgmental tone and words of encouragement throughout the book. Ekstrom’s guidance has had a huge impact on my own approach to wellness and for that I am ever grateful."


Bio: Dr. Catherine Koverola is a clinical psychologist and senior leader in higher education globally.  She currently serves as the Inaugural Provost at the African Leadership University in Mauritius. Linkedin


Timo Malinen DC, Physiotherapist / UK, FIN

"Kristian has done extremely well in creating a source of information which is not only easy to read but can also be used for quick references in managing every day life decisions on your way to Stronger Me. The book is well researched and supported by scientific evidence without making it too complicated  for the non health care professional to read yet giving enough depth for the professional audience to support their work. Interestingly I have already used the book at my clinic as well as recommended it to some of my patients to support their journey." 


Bio: Mr Timo Malinen Chiropractor, BSc (Hons) Chiro, MCSP, SRP, Physiotherapist

Mr Malinen has extensive international career in health care expanding over 25 years. He has worked with international professionals and Olympic level athletes as well as NHS and private health care providers and the UK Military.


Anna Bratsberg Nurse & MediYoga practitioner / NOR

"This book gives you easy steps to having a healthier life. While I was reading this book, I started to do small things slightly differently in my life. First, I lifted my computer screen higher up so that my back and neck felt better. Then I decided to spend more time outdoors with my family. I know these are small changes, but they made me feel good. That’s what this book is all about: small steps to get a healthier life. As a nurse and MediYoga instructor, I was also delighted to see that the book helps you realize that everything you do – even your thoughts and emotions – affects your life. I definitely recommend this book to everybody and especially people working in healthcare. 


Bio: Anna is a wife and mother of three energetic boys. She has over 20 years of experience as a nurse and works as a MediYoga instructor specializing in stress and burnout management. She is a Kundalini and child yoga practitioner.


Jenni Hyysalo MD, Ph.D. / FIN

"Should be read by everyone starting on a journey to change their lifestyle! Ekström has taken the genesis of what he learned during his years of working with patients (and himself) into a powerful book that can benefit anyone interested in getting the most out of their life. Exquisitely simple, smart and packed with evidence-based succinct ideas to create and maintain healthy habits. Not only is the book suitable for self-help purposes but also a perfect fit for those helping others reach their lifestyle goals. This book will definitely be in my list of recommended reading for my patients." 


Bio: Jenni Hyysalo, M.D. PhD., is a clinician with a special focus on lifestyle care. Her PhD., research focused on diabetes and obesity, and she defended her thesis in Internal Medicine on the topic of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. She is currently working in Vitalmed Sleep Clinic in Helsinki, Finland. Linkedin




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